Two Guys and a Grill - Mobile Grilling Specialists
Q: Do we need to provide anything?
A: No, as a part of our full menu service we provide all plastic-ware and paper products.
Q: Do we need to sign a contract?
A: No, not unless your group requires a contract once we confirm you are on our books that is good enough for us. We do prefer for groups over 1500 people to draw a basic contract.
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: We do not require a deposit.  However, unless prior arrangements are made, we do expect to be paid in full at the conclusion of your event.
Q: Is a gratuity automatically added to my bill?
A: We do not add gratuity to your bill. We leave tips entirely up to our customers. Gratuities are truly optional and always greatly appreciated.
Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?
A: YES!  We accept:
Q: What if more people show up than we have planned for?
A: Based on the number of guests you order for; we will bring enough food to serve an additional 20% more guests.
Q: What if not as many people show up as we have planned?
A: Because we will bring enough food to serve an additional 20% more guests, please try to get an accurate count of how many guests you expect and plan on the conservative side keeping in mind that we will be able to cover you if more show up. (see previous question)
Q: Is there a certain amount of time you serve?
A: We prefer to keep the serving times between one to two hours. If your event requires more serving time we will be glad to stay as long as you require at no additional charge.
Q: Do you do anything besides hamburgers or chicken?
A: Yes we do! We can customize any menu to your specifications. We grill anything from steaks to seafood to tasty Italian menus, chili feeds to barbeque dinners. We do a unique Shrimp Boil.  And for Breakfast or Lunch we have Pancakes and a "Better Box Lunch".  Call for more details.
Q: What is the smallest event you do?
A: We have a $400.00 minimum, that is usually around 50 the 55 people.
Q: Do you have to grill on site?
A: We do not have to grill on site. If circumstances are as such that does not allow on site grilling the grilling can be done off site and brought to your event in warming cabinets and served from chaffing dishes.
Q: How many people can you accommodate?
A: We specialize in groups from 50 to 1500 people, however we can accommodate groups up to 15,000 people with sufficient notice.
Q: Do you travel outside the Kansas City metro area?
A: Yes we do. We would be happy to negotiate any event outside 75 miles of the Kansas City Metro Area.
Q: Do you provide tents and tables?
A: We do not provide tents and tables however, we do have many contacts of people we have worked with in the past that would be able to serve your event.
Q: Do you do fundraisers?
A: A large portion of our business is fundraisers. We have several different programs for fundraisers. Call our office for more details.
Q: What if the weather is bad?
A: We grill in many kinds of weather conditions.  Please call for specific information about the current weather.

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